Wilson's fantastic iron range

Clark Baker

23 January 2023

Wilson Dynapower iron
Wilson's new Dynapower iron

When the folks at Wilson came up with the original Dynapower irons in 1956, they knew that weight distribution was the future name of the game. Remaining loyal to golfers at just about 70 years later, the new Dynapower irons are continuing to reach new distances. So what have Wilson come up with for their latest batch of irons?

First impressions

While the Wilson name itself doesn’t feature on the clubhead, there’s no mistaking where these irons have come from. The Wilson Staff badge is smartly nestled at the back of the toe end on the back of the club, letting the Dynapower name take centre stage. The name is abbreviated DYNAPWR and there’s no missing it, stencilled across a red stripe coming out of the back of the heel. The club feels great and looks smart at address with an ideal degree of offset to help give you straighter shots. But what kind of tech is there under the hood of these new irons to make all the golfing magic happen?

Wilson Dynapower iron

The main talking points

Let’s start with the face, seeing as it’s the part of the club that actually makes contact with the ball, it only makes sense that it’s as effective as possible, and Wilson have delivered. Using Dynapower Artificial Intelligence, they’ve etched a variable face thickness design into the clubface to make more of it hot. Wilson research indicated that most players that have a handicap of 10+ tend to strike the ball out of the centre-to-toe section of the face, so this area had been given special care to help make your out-of-the-toe shots more successful. Nice!

The Dynapower irons also feature a high MOI club head design. This stands for ‘moments of inertia’ and basically means that the higher the MOI reading the more resistance the club head has to twisting. Less twisting means there will be less of a chance your shot will go offline due to your clubhead making poor contact. All of this means high levels of forgiveness.

Range architecture

While we can’t wait for you to have a go with the Dynapower irons, Wilson have some great alternatives currently on the market.

The D9 Forged irons are a fantastic choice if you want to hit the ball hard to get maximum speed and distance. They have asymmetric power holes to get you there, the club head also features a steep decent angle to give you more stopping power on the green. If you like to shape your shots these irons could be for you.

Wilson iron range
Wilson iron range

Confident ball-striker? Well, we couldn't recommend the Staff Model CB irons more. They look absolutely stunning at first glance, and the feel and performance you get from them matches up to this superbly. Honestly, a players iron that needs to be hit!

If you’re thinking Dynapower or some irons from the Wilson range would give you the boost you need to shoot lower scores we can help. Our custom fitting service is available to you, with our expertise, professional knowledge and love of the game key to giving you a fantastic experience and getting the right irons in your hands.

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