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Clark Baker

22 November 2021


If you’re in the business of results, we probably don’t need to tell you about Wilson’s Staff Model golf balls. What kind of results are we talking about? Well, they seem to work pretty well for U.S. Open Champion Gary Woodland and Padraig Harrington, who knows a thing or two about winning.

Wilson Staff Model golf balls
Wilson Staff Model golf balls


Top-of-the-range balls aren’t cheap, and it’d be perfectly understandable to say you don’t want to splash the cash that much. Fortunately, Wilson Staff’s DUO Soft+ golf balls offer a great alternative, with plenty of distance and no shortage of spin and feel around the greens.

Wilson Staff DUO Soft+ golf balls


Those of you who prefer playing with colourful, high-vis golf balls will love the DUO Optix golf balls from Wilson Staff as they come in green, orange, red, yellow & pink to help you keep track of them in the air or find them in the rough, reducing risk of losing them and giving you more confidence over every shot.

Wilson Staff DUO Optix golf balls
Wilson Staff DUO Optix golf balls

Something different

Wilson Staff’s most recent golf ball innovation has completely revolutionised the way we think about them. Throwing the rulebook out the window, Wilson Staff created a RAW version of the Staff Model balls. These are completely unpainted, which means there’s no uneven paint that can affect your ball in the air. As a result, you get top-tier golf ball performance with even tighter dispersions and more precision.

Wilson Staff Model RAW golf balls
Wilson Staff Model RAW golf balls

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