The benefits of going electric

Clark Baker

20 September 2021

VIDEO | Motocaddy's electric trolley range

We love golf for many reasons, and one of those reasons is the walk around the course: leisurely strolls through lovely landscapes with what we hope will be some good golf shots in between. But do you know how much better both the walk AND the golf is with an electric trolley?

There’s a greater chance of a golfer performing better over 18-holes when using an electric trolley

Dr. Jakubowski

You might not be surprised to hear that carrying your bag uses approximately 30% more energy per round than playing with an electric trolley, but did you know that a push trolley still uses around 20% more than going electric? By saving this energy, you can stay more focused for longer, reduce your physical fatigue and, perhaps most importantly, reduce your risk of injury.

Amazing performance!

You might already have a Motocaddy electric trolley, but you’ll still be surprised by how much these trolleys improve year-on-year. Even one of the most affordable options in the latest range – the M3 GPS – has a built-in GPS system displayed on a high-resolution screen. This gives you key distances to the front, middle and back of the green at a glance - without you needing to do anything!

Stepping it up

This becomes a touchscreen with more advanced graphics and more detailed readings as you step up to the M5 GPS, and by the time you reach the M7 you’ve got a remote-controlled trolley! And then, at the top of the tree, we have the height of decadence: the M-TECH. This boasts the most advanced features in a design so sleek and stylish it has to be seen to be believed.

It’s fair to say that electric trolleys start sounding like far & away the best way to play golf when you look at it like this; letting you play better, enjoy yourself more and stay safer from injuries. Now it’s just a case of which one you’ll choose…

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