Buying Guide: Irons

Clark Baker

24 January 2022

Everybody knows there’s no one ‘best set of irons’ on the market, because there’s no one type of golfer. What you can get, however, is a set of irons that are perfect for your game and also perform to the highest level.

Wilson Staff Model Irons

Wilson Staff’s ability to make those top-performing irons for everybody is amazing, but it’s the reach of its iron range that makes them truly outstanding. Every iron is crafted for purpose-built performance that caters to different individual needs. Now that’s serious dedication to the cause.

Wilson Staff Iron Models

Any game-improver out there should lean towards the D9 irons. These give you a fantastic balance between easy, confident ball-striking and impressive distance. Wilson actually compared thousands of head shapes and Power Hole designs via computer learning to find the most effective way of creating distance - and they've certainly done that.

If you’re a confident ball-striker, you need to try the Wilson Staff Model CB irons. A Tri-Brace Stabiliser and tungsten weighting give you elite sound & feel, along with the consistency you crave when taking on those pin-seeking shots.

Finally, the sleekest, sharpest irons imaginable. Wilson Staff Model Blades look stunning in your bag (pictured above) and deliver Tour-proven performance, thanks to precision milling and an optimised sole camber. This gives you consistently precise & workable shot-making so you can attack every pin.

With several different options on the table, how do you choose? Well, you visit us for a fitting, hit some golf balls and give us your feedback. We’ll help guide you into which irons enhance your game and together we’ll come up with your ideal iron set.

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