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Wilson Dynapower Carbon Driver

Wilson Dynapower Carbon Driver

Clark Baker

If you stand on the tee and visualise different shot shapes depending on what's set out in front of you, this Carbon model is well worth trying out.

The Dynapower Carbon driver from Wilson is such a smart-looking and innovative club. By using carbon composite panels - a lightweight material - on the crown and sole, Wilson has repositioned the club's centre of gravity to create a lower spinning driver with neutral-to-fade flight tendencies. It's perfect for a lower handicapper golf with an eye for creativity.

  • Low spin head design for workability and neutral ball flight
  • Lightweight carbon panels on the crown and sole move the centre of gravity low and forward
  • Workable driver for flighting and shaping tee shots to help find more fairways
  • PKR2 dynamic face thickness optimised over larger area to give faster ball speeds and max forgiveness
  • Available in 8, 9, 10.5 and 12 degrees
Wilson Dynapower Carbon Driver


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