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Wilson Dynapower Irons

Wilson Dynapower Irons

Clark Baker

If you were playing golf way back in 1956, the name Dynapower might ring some bells for you. Nearly 70 years on, Wilson has brought it back with an iron designed for distance.

The Wilson Dynapower iron produces maximum ball speeds across the entire face of the iron, helping your off-centre strikes to maintain vital distance and performance alongside those Sunday bests. How is this achieved? Well, through Dynapower Artificial Intelligence analysing thousands of combinations of variable face thickness and power holes locations. Clever stuff!

  • Variable face thickness makes more of the clubface hot for better distance across the face
  • Power Holes 3.0 technology delivers maximum ball speed
  • High MOI head design for stability on off-centre strikes
  • Low centre of gravity for higher launch and steeper descent angles into greens
  • Pleasing top line, optimal offset and a smooth hosel for player-preferred clubhead
  • Available in 4-PW, GW and SW
  • Available in 6-PW and SW in ladies
Wilson Dynapower Irons


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