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Wilson Staff Model Golf Balls

Wilson Staff Model Golf Balls

Clark Baker

This is a Tour-calibre golf ball, and what do Tour players want? They want full control over their golf ball, and they want consistency. These balls give you that.

These golf balls give you plenty of distance off-the-tee, but where they really stand-out is around the greens, where you gain unparalleled control over the way you spin the golf ball. We golfers like a predictable golf ball, and that's what Wilson Staff have made here.

Key features & benefits include:

  • Unique painting process gives an unparalleled evenness for reliable, predictable flight
  • 4-piece urethane construction allows for Tour-calibre spin & control
  • V-COR composition generates more velocity at impact for easy distance
  • 3SIX2-dimple pattern smooths airflow for plenty of distance and low trajectories

You can play with Wilson Staff's Tour-level golf ball by reserve yours in the pro shop now.

Wilson Staff Model Golf Balls


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