Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 Irons

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If you’re a confident ball-striker these FG Tour V6 irons should be on your radar, as they can offer you strike feedback and control, aided by progressive forgiveness through the set.

Wilson Staff says this set is designed for golfers who value precision shot-shaping and control, which is why you'll find compact heads with the feel of blades, but with just enough forgiveness for when you need it.

Key features and benefits of the FG Tour V6 irons are as follows:

  • Thin top lines and minimal offset
  • Made from soft carbon steel for soft feel
  • Improved sole camber and bounce for increased versatility
  • Long iron tungsten weights reduce twisting to increase forgiveness
  • Mid-irons weighted behind the face for blade-like feel
  • Cavity design ensures off-centre forgiveness through the set

With a choice of shafts and decisions to be made between long irons and hybrids, it's imperative that you come and see us for a fitting, so get in touch below if you'd like to try these irons out.

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